Weekly Classes

Each class helps students build strength, endurance, inner calm and overall vitality.  You are welcome to join any class as you are - either new to yoga or with years of practice.

At his space, Practice Yoga Studio, Tommy teaches three styles of Vinyasa Flow classes on a weekly basis.  Practice Flow. Power Flow. Hot Flow. No two classes are alike.  Each class is specifically designed by Tommy to bring the entire mind and body into balance.  Every class is taught with an abundance of energy, compassion and humor. Tommy also teaches a traditional short-form sequence of classical Ashtanga postures, Rise & Shine, that allows students to practice with Tommy and share his love of classic Ashtanga yoga.

Weekly Schedule

Find Tommy each week at his studio, PRACTICE YOGA STUDIO at 2227 Cole Street in Birmingham, Michigan.

Specific schedule information can be found at https://www.practiceyogastudios.com/class-schedule.

Private sessions. Tommy is available for private sessions, semi private sessions, small group sessions, special workshops, and yoga retreats. Contact Tommy to inquire on availability and pricing.

Class Descriptions


The signature class at PRACTICE YOGA STUDIO. Same posture sequence in every class. Fully guided. A foundational base for all classes offered at the studio.  
Practice Flow is our signature class created by Tommy Mack. It is a beginner-friendly but challenging general level class done at a moderate pace with a fixed set of postures instructed in the vinyasa style. It is a fully balanced class, working 100% of the body, which includes surya namaskar, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, hip-openers, inversions, and relaxation. This class focusses on the fundamental movements and sequences that form the basis of a strong vinyasa yoga practice. Motivating music helps keep the pace as your teacher fully guides you through the same sequence of asanas in each class, offering hands-on adjustments to those students open to receiving them. Explore building strength, stamina and flexibility while creating a strong core for your yoga practice.

Is this class for you?
If you are new to yoga, dealing with any physical limitations, or simply would like to take a slow flow style class that allows you more time in foundational postures, this class is designed for you.  


Less individual flow time. More structure. More guidance. A core class at PRACTICE YOGA STUDIO for those wishing to take their practice up a notch or looking for a bit of variety in their weekly yoga practice. 
Our Power Flow class is an essential, well rounded vinyasa flow class that is deeply rooted in the classic ashtanga system, exploring variations on traditional sequencing. The Power Flow class is challenging but intentionally moves at a slightly slower pace and in a more structured way than our Hot Flow class. Additional hands-on teacher guidance is offered in each class to better allow students to further develop their individual vinyasa practice by strengthening their Ashtanga roots. Inspiring music motivates students to flow thru the challenging and intelligent posture sequencing linking breath to movement with a bit of time in each class to explore their own freedom of movement. 

Is this class for you?
This class is good for those who are new to the vinyasa style of yoga but have some yoga experience and an interest in flowing on their own for a short time. Regular practitioners looking to practice multiple times a week and refine techniques and deepen their practice in a more well balanced way will benefit from this class as well.


Hot. Vigorous. Lots of individual flow time. Less guidance.  Most advanced class offered at the PRACTICE YOGA STUDIO.
Our Hot Flow class is our intermediate to advanced level hot vinyasa flow class. This vigorous and fast-paced class will test your physical boundaries and push your limits, building strength, flexibility, stamina, and concentration. It is our most intense total body work out, guaranteed to work up a healthy and detoxifying sweat. In each class, your teacher progressively builds dynamic flows of innovative posture sequences that become the base for you to then flow on your own. Students are encouraged to modify each flow sequence to create an individual expression reflecting their own vinyasa practice.  This class is set to energizing music and offers the least amount of teacher guidance and the most amount of free flow time on your mat.  

Is this class for you?
This class is best suited for students with a solid knowledge of basic and intermediate yoga poses.  Students should expect to delve deeper into inversions, arm balances, back bends, and breath work. Don’t let the word “advanced” deter you from trying this class if you are looking to explore ways to deepen your practice and challenge yourself.


A deeply personal practice exploring the TRADITIONS of Ashtanga yoga. 
The teacher leads the class through his or her own morning practice, based on the traditional short-form sequence of classic Ashtanga postures. Postures are called out in Sanskrit and practice is always without music in a quiet and dim room.

Is this class for you?
Suitable for all levels with a basic knowledge of Ashtanga yoga postures.